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Kidkii Danish Design

KIDKII Danish Design was founded in 2017 with the aim of making beautiful and non-toxic products for children. The products are made with love and care for children.

The inspiration is Danish design, it is a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.


Kidkii's mission remains to create toys/furniture that invite fun and stimulate children's motor development, so that they experience joy in both their physical development and the development of their motor skills.

Kidkii designs ball pools, play mats, non-toxic furniture made of OEKO-tex cotton and with LDPE balls.
They equip their products with a new plant-based foam, which is organic, recyclable, washable, breathable for the perfect comfort and well-being of the child.

In addition, the foam is non-flammable.
We focus on the safety of the child and provide products of a very high standard, with toy safety regulations in line with those of the EU, USA and ASIA

The foam

Plant-based foam and the benefits for the environment.
The main ingredients in this specific type of plant foam are corn, which means that the product is non-toxic and highly biodegradable - our plant foam is STC certified at food level, which means that if children put it in their mouths, there will be no chemical reactions.
One of the other advantages of plant-based foam is that it is a natural
fire resistant material compared to regular foam, which is derived from petroleum products such as chemical poly-foam.

The impact on children's health

Traditional foam is made up of polyol, water and polyisocyanates, the last mention of which has been linked to hormonal disruption and the onset of allergies. This type of traditional foam is found in almost all manufactured products such as mattresses and sofas, mainly because of its accessibility and low production costs. Children are particularly vulnerable to chemical exposure and cannot protect their rights to a non-toxic upbringing.
Worldwide, 54% of all cases of illnesses related to environmental exposure are in children under the age of 15. It is increasingly recognized that exposure to toxic environments.

They are committed to providing children with better opportunities for a better and healthier life.

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