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Welcome to Coco & Minou private sales!

With each brand introduction, you have the opportunity to purchase our new items for the net price.

How it works?

When you place a "private" order, you choose for a wire transfer. At this time you do not pay anything!

On the date communicated, we place the order with the supplier. We will then validate your orders based on availability. By validating the order you will receive a secure payment link. ``

A delivery date will also be communicated and a follow-up will be provided when we ship your package.


This method allows us to test new brands and see which products are more popular.

1. You will have the opportunity to buy a new collection before everyone else.
2. Price advantage: up to 50% discount on the normal price!
3. If you are registered as an Ambassador, you can promote your purchases and earn additional income.

Note: The delivery time for a private order is longer and is only communicated on the Private Sale page.


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